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When we started homeschooling at 3rd grade level, we used a well known packaged curriculum but quickly found that it was not enough for a gifted student. So in I began developing supplemental study guides.

4th grade I hoped would be more substantial but I found as we went along I ended up generating many supplements to the purchased curriculum. By the end of 4th grade I realized that I needed something "meatier" than what we were getting for our money.

At the fifth grade I started developing our own courses of study, which some call curriculum. For each topic I would research materials, find appropriate books, videos, activities and then make a roadmap of the journey we intended to take in that subject. I put these plans into a syllabus-like format so that they were easy (for us) to use and I ended up calling them our study guides.

As you look at each grade level, note this is only part of what we did. Our full curriculum is presented in detail in my books. My books also outline in detail how to build your own study guides.

As you will notice that some of the resources listed are more than 20 years old, if you’re looking for a traditional education, you may need to go back that far. Good basic literature doesn’t change. Science may advance, but basics are basics and some basics are not even taught today. Then there’s history; it’s history unless you prefer to teach a revisionist’s version. Math doesn’t change either.

Our Course Surveys and Resource lists
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