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Daphne The Science Guinea Pig: We love Math & Science

One of the toughest challenges in our homeschool journey was locating "good" Science and Math materials. We knew what we wanted to study, we knew how we wanted to study it but getting all the components aligned in a way that worked for us was the constant challenge.

Daphne The Science Guinea Pig
One of the best Science projects we ever did was a habitat study. We ended up acquiring a Guinea Pig with this study -- after all they are related to the Prairie Dog. My student was horrified to find out that that Guinea Pigs were used in Scientific experiments and decided that this Guinea Pig was going to change the world, and thus "Daphne the Science Guinea Pig" was invented. We found that this animal, the Cavy, really is quite a personable animal and would recommend them to anyone looking for a sweet animal addition to their family. This particular animal really had an attitude that anyone can get along with. For a small animal, she'd rather come out and greet you than hide in her house, generally because she is a bit of a mooch, she weighed 3 pounds and earned every ounce of it!

For the most part, my student was the researcher behind Daphne's work and has learned a great deal from the questions we received. It was fun to put that furry face at our website!

The page you are reading and Daphne's other pages are vistited frequently. We get a lot of questions, though not all make the FAQ page!

Daphne The Science Guinea Pig: Her Realm!
Daphne's FAQ - Daphne the Science Guinea Pig has her own "frequently asked questions" (FAQ) page. Sometimes the question you ask Daphne gets posted on this page!
Daphne's Lab - contains many of the the good resources and materials that we have found along the way.
Daphne's Emporium - A whole line of gear, designed with humor, for the brainiac at your house!

Ask Daphne!
(Who is Daphne?)
Daphne the Science Guinea Pig
is one of our fun Science projects. You send the question and we research it providing you with some great resources and links!

Cavia Porcellius - Guinea Pig...The Best Pet, umm Research Specialist - in the World!
Daphne has her night house, her day hut and her "condo" (the bottom drawer of our drafting tools!). Three places to sleep and ponder the big questions in life. Each of her "houses" contains a variety of books,Internet connections, rolodexes and green grape stashes. She is one of wisest creatures in our classroom. She doesn't quite understand why Guinea Pigs are used as test "dummies" in the lab when they are so resourceful at the library. After all she has us trained to clean up after her, (scoop the litter box - yes she uses a litter box!), change the "fluff" where she sleeps, get her grapes, salad and her absolute favorite -- orange Guinea Pig candy. We have found that Daphne has a profound ability in locating "stuff" for our Science classes. She's not an expert, but she may be able to help you with your science project or question!

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Read Daphne's FAQ page!


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