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Daphne The Science Guinea Pig
Our Travels
We take our homeschool on the road as often as we can and these pages may show you how you can too!
Our Photography - it's one of our hobbies.

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Explore the topics we studied in our homeschool.

Daphne The Science Guinea Pig: We love Math & Science

While I homescholed a highly gifted student, my homeschool probably didn't look much different than yours will.

People homeschool for a variety of reasons. My student learned at home because it was the best environment for the dominant personality and learning style. It was also the best and most flexible environment for "socialization".

Looking back on our journey, the early years, while important, were not as important as "the middle years". They were the foundation for the later years in my student's education. The middle years are the years when a student discovers the things they are really good at and what they really like to do.

By the time a homeschooled student reaches the "later years", they have a balanced view of their abilities and inabilities. They have developed their own goals. They welcome differing viewpoints and generally can intelligently, participate in a debate of opposing opinions. They generally do not care about peer pressure and can communicate effectively; group-think is a foreign concept. I found all of this to be true. Home study helped with college level learning. Where a public school peer may struggle with collegiate expectations, the homeschooled student already understands.

In addition to our home studies, we traveled. Travel is one of the best teachers. We didn't randomly travel, it was always part of what we were studying. Travel required my student to have confidence in decisions and creativity in problem solving. The travel experience my student gained has helped him in his professional career...

You can discover what we studied at: Our Course of Study.

You can read in detail about how to develop your own course of study in my books.


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