Bright Kids: Isn't every child gifted and talented in his or her own way?

Identify gifted homeschool "how-to"

Lists several places where gifted homeschoolers can and do excel!

Gives basic information on a variety of topics including: Identifying the Gifted Student, Gifted Assessment, Is Intelligence Quotient Important?, Academic Assessment, Learning Styles, and being Gifted with Disabilities (Twice Exceptional).

gifted homeschool "how-to"
How do I homeschool my gifted student?

  My Student....

posseses an advanced capacity to achieve at higher than average levels
posseses multiple, specialized, unique interests
has an advanced ability to conceptualize
has and a high interest in applying the concepts
has intense, long-range concentration on topics of interest and task commitment
demonstrates high creativity
has an evolved sense of humour
takes pleasure in thinking divergently
takes pleasure in learning
posseses curiosity and interest in the unusual
is an independent learner
has a higher sense of self awareness and of social issues
has an intense sense of fairness
demonstrates idealism
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Every child has special gifts and talents.....
*"The child who does well in school, gets good grades, wins awards, and "performs" beyond the norms for his or her age, is considered talented..."

*"....Like cheetahs, highly gifted children can be easy to identify. If a child teaches herself Greek at age five, reads at the eighth grade level at age six or does algebra in second grade we can safely assume that child is a highly gifted child."

* From "Is It a Cheetah?"
By Stephanie S. Tolan 1996 Stephanie S. Tolan

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