Add Travel to Your Curriculum - Don't just read about it - go see it!

"Hittin' the Road"
Gives resources and ideas on how to take your homeschool on the road.

"Our Travels"
Documents some of the places we've traveled and also how they enhanced our studies.
Our Travel Log
The link to our blog spot, also our essays and other writings about homeschooling on the road.

Written in 1999:

One of things homeschoolers can do with ease is add travel to school schedules. At the beginning of the year I look at what sort of topics we plan to explore during the school year, and then my student and I plan our “field trips”. We’ve had field trips for Art, World Culture, Foreign language, Science, Engineering, Geography and History.

I got the travel bug when I got out of college. I sailed the East Coast, I traveled in the US. When I started working I took a job that involved travel and I ended up traveling to Europe, Northern Africa and the Pacific Rim. I hope that my student has the same wandering feet! He seems to. Anyone can write about their travels to exotic places we wanted to do something different. What you'll find here are the travels that are part of our homeschool. I hope you like what you find.

You don't have to spend a fortune and travel to the ends of the earth. An adventure can be found in your own town or within driving distance or to sound cliche, in your own back yard! Go camping, spend a weekend at an inn, go canoeing. If you really want it to happen you can make it happen. Give the travel bug to your students and watch them grow and mature.

Taking your homeschool on the road is always an experience. Many people have heard of homeschooling but still ask a lot of questions anyway. Once they find out they are in the middle of your "classroom", they share a wealth of information with your student -especially if your student is willing to ask questions.



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