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Welcome to Bright Kids at Home, a place for families who are looking to use a traditional education format in their homeschool.

A traditional education is the basics like the three “R’s”, Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic. For example, learning how to construct a sentence and why it was important to do so (words have meaning) and learning Civics and U.S History before anything else. Math builds on each new level and the Scientific method is the basis for discovery in science.

If you search for the idea of a traditional education today, you’ll find it is mostly disparaged and described as out of touch. I found teaching basics was a great springboard into more advanced topics. It gave my student more confidence in academic abilities, but also in mastering everyday life. Without basic context in each subject, the subject becomes confusing and frustrating.

While I homeschooled a highly gifted kid, how I approached homeschooling is no different than how you will approach it. You have to take a big picture approach, or, as I like to think of it as developing a long game.

The long game is the notion that you do something small today and it will compound over the years. That’s the point of using a traditional education. You build a pyramid from the bottom up, one stone at a time with the pinnacle being the goal set originally.

Anyone can homeschool. Doing what everyone else does will yield mediocre results, doing your own thing yields more satisfying things, like a lifelong love of learning. I recently published a book that goes into detail the curriculum we used but also detailed instructions about how I created it and how you can create your own curriculum. While it may seem like a daunting task, it's not, and it is far easier to find something that has already been created, but is it what your student really wants to learn?

As of 2014, my student was a college graduate and became a professional using the STEM degree he earned.

This was his long game. What's yours?




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