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We take our homeschool on the road as often as we can and these pages may show you how you can too!
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Daphne The Science Guinea Pig: We love Math & Science

Daphne's Lab contains some of the the good Math and Science resources we found along the way.



Daphne's Lab - Resources

Daphne, the Science Guinea Pig, produced several web pages one night at our keyboard. It turns out some were "study guides", while others were just good resources. We thought we'd post them. If you have anything that might be a good addition to these pages, send them along,
Ocean Study
Basic Chemistry
General Math Help

Other Items in Daphne's Lab

(Some of the links in the pages below are outdated and broken)

News about Textbooks and Science Myths (Bad Science)
Daphne can only read so many things! If you have information regarding Science errors in books or Sciences myths, let us know!

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