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3rd Grade Overview
Language Arts

Alphabetical order, use of a dictionary, long and short sounds, beginning and ending sounds, prefixes, suffixes, dipthongs, combinations, blends, diagraphs, plurals, syllables, word division and accent, contractions, compund base words, antonyms, synonyms.New word attack skills , letter writing, simple compostions using knowledge of grammer & punctuation. Journal writing. Poetry, reading and memorization. D'Nealian Cursive.

Geography, World Culture, US History
Geography, history of the U.S. and Ohio; national, state and local government:
  • Map reading and symbol interpretation.
  • Determining distances.
  • Identifying landform symbols.
  • Using grids, latitude and longitude graphs.
  • Graphs.
  • Biographies of famous men and women.
  • Myths & Legend.
  • Early American History
Science & Technology Topics

Seeds and plants.

  • Matter & it's changes.
  • Earth's Rocks.
  • Forces, work and machine.
  • Weather, climate water.
  • Food chains and habitats. Our online Ocean Reefs Study is here. Note: some links are no longer available.
  • Earth & moons.
  • Human health and environments.

Stanford EPGY Mathematics Fact drills covered these topics:

  • Addition, subtraction 4 digit numbers.
  • Multiplication by 9s, regrouping 10s.
  • Division by 9s, missing factors, remainders.
  • Place values, comparing 3 digit numbers, rounding.
  • Fractions (equivalent, comparing, sets).
  • Decimals (adding, subtracting).
  • Measuring, money, time, length, liquids, weights.
  • Geometry (curves, 2-D, 3-D, perimeter and area, grids, symmetry, volume).
  • Picture and bar graphs.
Art/Art History

Photogtraphy, watercolor, wood carving, ceramics and ancient art history.

Foreign Language Spanish
Physical Education Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts, gymnasticans and swimming, Soccer




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