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Our full curriculum is presented in my books. Any resource you may find unavailable, an alternative is recommended in my books. I also describe in detail how to construct your own study guides there as well.

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8th Grade Overview

Language Arts

Grammar and Style of the Sentence, Comparing and Contrasting styles of writing, Roberts Rules of Writing & Poetry, Persuasive writing (project planning),Reading: Literature, Periodicals & Current Events

Some of the resources we used

Roberts Rules Of Writing: 101 Unconventional Lessons Every Writer Needs to Know by Robert Masello
Getting Started in Project Management (Getting Started In.....) by Paula Martin, Karen Tate
Writing without Teachers by Peter Elbow,
Writing Well (9th Edition) by Donald Hall.

Literature Reading (Abbreviated Booklist)
Total number on booklist: 7
Catch-22 by Joseph Heller
The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger
The Clan of the Cave Bear (Bookcassette(r) Edition) by Jean M. Auel
The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter (Oprah's Book Club) by Carson McCullers

Geography, World Culture, Social Studies, World History, US History

U.S. History: World War II and Politics surrouning this war, All the People the 20th Century. World History: Elizabethan England, Industrial Revolution.

Social Studies: Geography of Asia, Philosophy - Mind and Machines: Can Machines think? (From the MIT Open Courseware)

A Concise History of the American Republic: Single Volume by Samuel Eliot Morison.
A History of US: Book 10: All the People 1945-2001 (History of Us) Volume 10 from the se: A History of US (10 Vol. Set)by Joy Hakim

WWI Video List (Abbreviated)
The World at War (30th Anniversary Edition) A&E Video
Winston Churchill A&E Video
McArthur PBS Video
Biography - Dwight Eisenhower (A&E DVD Archives) A&E Video

The Industrial Revolution (World History) by James A. Corrick
Philosophy of Mind: Classical and Contemporary Readings by David Chalmers
Elements of Mind: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind by Tim Crane.
Science & Technology
Physical Sciences: Robotics Summer Camp,
First Lego League Robotics Competition, Computer Science, Life Sciences Biology: Introduction to Biology (from the MIT Open Courseware), Healthy Living,
Building a PC for Dummies, Fourth Edition by Mark L. Chambers
Biological Science (2nd Edition) by Scott Freeman
Genetic Testimony: A Guide to Forensic DNA Profiling by Charlotte Spencer

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book) by Miguel Ruiz
Mathematics Algebra I

Elementary Algebra by Harold R. Jacobs


Art/Art History

Art History for Young People, History of Classical Music, Live Theater Arts

History of Art for Young People (Trade Version) (5th Edition) - by by Anthony F. Janson

Bach, Beethoven and the Boys - Tenth Anniversary Edition!: Music History As It Ought To Be Taughtby David W. Barber, Dave Donald
If It Ain't Baroque: More Music History As It Ought To Be Taught by David W. Barber, Dave Donald

Amadeus - Director's Cut (Two-Disc Special Edition)

Foreign Language Latin I Honors

Wheelock's Latin, 6e by Frederic M. Wheelock, Richard A. LaFleur ,
A Comprehensive Guide to Wheelock's Latin: Newly Revised for Wheelock's 6th Edition by Dale A. Grote
Collins Latin Concise Dictionary (Harpercollins Concise Dictionaries)
Wheelock's Latin, 6th Edition and Workbook for Wheelock's Latin, 3rd Revised Edition, 2 Volume Set by Paul T. Comeau,
Pronunciation and Reading of Classical Latin (The Living Voice of Greek and Latin)[sound recording] Daitz, Stephen G

Physical Education
Snow Skiing, Racquetball classes, TaeKwonDo, Kayaking, Golf and cycling.

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