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This page contains links to articles and essays on a variety of topics pertaining to homschooling. The articles listed on this page represent only a small amount of the information available but may give ideas on how to find more information on a particular topic.


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Home School 101
Homeschooling 101: Why We Do It. - from National Public Radio (NPR)

A series on 3 homeschooling families: A Description from their website: "Changing Face of America focuses on one aspect of how education has changed in the past fifteen years. In a three-part series, All Things Considered examines homeschooling. We begin by talking with three families across the country to find out how they homeschool. The families have written about their philosophy of home-based education and we've asked them to share Web links that have helped them in the education of their children. " The pieces began on Monday, February 26,2001.

Gifted Homeschooling

It used to be it was difficult to find quality writings on this topic. Here's what we found:

Homeschooling and MIT

Building a Curriculum

This is now detailed in my books.



Home School Co Op - a Great Way to go!
A Home School Co-op is a group of homeschool families who get together to educate their children. There are many ways to form a co-op and no two ways are the "same" or "right". The concept of a Co-op is about as old as the concept of "homeschooling".

Umbrella schools
"Defined simply as schools that help homeschoolers homeschool – come in more flavors than Baskin-Robbins ice cream. Most are private; Many are Christian; an increasing number specify no religious worldview. Some are highly structured; others boast complete flexibility with respect to what your teenager learns, how he learns, and when he learns it." (by Cafi Cohen)

Homeschool Community Learning Centers (From Creating Learning Communities)
What are homeschool community learning centers? As Bill Ellis describes: "In the last two or three years local homeschooling networks have started providing themselves with a new form of learning social institution. They don't yet even have a universal name. To start examining them we could call them "Cooperative Community Life-Long Learning Centers (CCL-LLCs)." These community centers are cooperatively owned and controlled by the member families they serve. They provide counseling, mentoring, supplies, facilities, workshops and classes. Most importantly they use all aspects of the community for education." Read more.

Co-Op Curriculums, a business started by Cathryn Lewis and Linda Barrett, is the result of over 27 years of combined homeschooling and Co-Op experience!




Socialization is the "S" word
If you think placing your child in a class with 30 other children of the same age all day is "normal" socialization, then please refer to your "Webster's" for a definition of socialization.

Read what others have written on this topic:[socialization]

Charter and Cyber Charter Schools
Cyber-charter schools are the same as more traditional brick and mortar charter schools except that they exist online. They are independent public schools sponsored by local or state educational organizations. Students in these cyber schools are regulated by the organizations that sponsor them.They are assesed by the same system as public school students. There has been many heated debates over the idea of charters and cyber charters. Visit our pages about Charter and Cyber Charters and make your own decision. Download a packet to take with you when you meet to decide if you would want a "Home School Charter School" in your district.

Our pages about [Charters & Cyber Charters]

The Politics of Vouchers
Parent Directed Education organization (PDE) recognizes that vouchers are a hot political battleground for reasons that often have nothing to do with individual children. Our goal here at PDE is to help keep individual parents informed of what people are saying, and also equip them to see the whys behind the whats!

Testing Our Freedom: Goals 2000, Vouchers, And Charter Schools - by Larry and Susan Kaseman
This essay, by Larry and Susan Kaseman, was originally published in their Taking Charge political action column in the January-February 1995 issue of Home Education Magazine.

Standards, Tests and Accountability
Why Students Struggle When Pressure Is On
By BENEDICT CAREY, New York Times, December 21, 2004

"At schools across the land, students are engaged in that most secular December ritual: sweating midterm exams. And in a new study of math testing, psychologists are reporting that intense exam pressure is actually more likely to impair the performance of very good students than mediocre ones."

Brouhaha on National School Testing - Christian Science Monitor, Wednesday September 3, 1997 Edition
By Gail Russell Chaddock, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
"Most American parents are being told by local schools that their children rank "above average" in both reading and math. Yet according to a national education survey released this weekend, 62 percent of fourth-graders have trouble reading and only 20 percent of eighth-graders have ever faced an algebraic equation. " [ Read more ]

"Standardized Testing: The Big Picture Take out a number 2 pencil..." - College Board Article
"If colleges don't have experience with a particular high school, test scores enter the picture. They're a consistent piece of information to add to the overall evaluation."

Portfolio Assessment - Unschooling by Ana McDonald, was originally published in the January-February 1996 issue of Home Education Magazine.

Side Effects of Standardized Testing by Ann Lahrson Fisher
Some of the Side Effect Lessons listed in this article:

  • Someone else knows what you should know better than you do.
  • Learning is an absolute that can be measured.
  • Your interests are not important....[read on]


Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS)

Taking Charge - Larry and Susan Kaseman
" One of the key ways we can maintain our homeschooling freedoms is by making it clear both to ourselves and to public officials that the responsibility for our homeschools is ours and not theirs."[ Read more ]

Failure to Protect - PBS Frontline Documentary
What effect, if any, did the death of Logan Marr have on the approach of Maine DHS to abuse and neglect cases?

No Child Left Behind (NCLB)

No Child Left Behind 2001 -the text

No Child Left Behind: What Will It Take?
The Thomas B. Fordham Foundation, February 2002: "Just one month after President Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act into law, a provocative set of expert papers commissioned by the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation explores the legislation's key features: its testing and accountability provisions." [ Read more ]

The Ups and Downs of No Child Left Behind
By Jay Mathews, Washington Post Staff Writer. Tuesday, February 11, 2003
"People like me who support the No Child Left Behind law often say to critics, "Well, it might not be perfect, but you got any better ideas?" Sometimes we are not that polite, and if we hear suggested alternatives, we often dismiss them as the addled dreams of political innocents."

Education Commission of the States -- No Child Left Behind Database
This database uses color-coded maps to help policymakers and the public track their states' progress on No Child Left Behind Act implementation. Users can see the status of the nation as a whole, review individual states, or compare two or more states. Information will be updated regularly as states pass new policies and regulations.


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