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Do you have a blog spot? Let us know and we'll post it here. Do you have tips you want to share for other homeschoolers on the road? Contribute them and we'll post them here!

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Homeschoolers on the Road - Tips
"you mentioned that you're not giving budget advice, but I recently saved a considerable amount of money at the Shedd Aquarium, Childrens Museum and Field Museum in Chicago by showing my laminated membership card from our NYC homeschool group and getting the educator's discount. As you know, these discounts are mean for schoolkids and their teachers so we should take advantage of them." Janet in NYC Shedd Aquarium, Childrens Museum, Field Museum in Chicago, USA has over 101 ideas for fun things for kids to do in the car, kids travel games, printable car games and activities, and road-trip tips.
Travel for Kids - A Travel site that deals specifically with sites for kids!

Top 10 Paddler Tips

99 (or so) Fail-safe Canoe Camping Rules (tips).
Camping Recipes by and for campers who paddle.
Families on the Road Roadschooling / Homeschooling Resources




Homeschoolers on the Road - Tales
Families on the Road - From the website: Some families travel with occupations that require mobility - such as construction, telecommunications, and entertainment. Others have traded in fast-paced careers for a life on wheels - maybe for a year, maybe for a lifetime! We are a diverse group, composed of various cultures, economic brackets, occupations and lifestyles. Families on the road include grandparents raising children, families headed by a single parent, and any number of children. But we all share a love of the open road, wherever it may take us.
Podcasting from the Road
The Goza Family delivers a new story from the road and a folktale every Thursday. Theatrical Folktales and Travel Stories from somewhere on the road ~ from our Family to Yours! A new show every Thursday. Visit our podcasting page to listen to stories on your computer or iPod for free.
Idaho Twins to Cycle 20,000 Miles - Davy and Daryl Vogel, ten-year-old twin brothers from Boise, Idaho, will pedal away from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in June 2008 with their parents and pet dog, Dash. Approximately thirty months later, they plan to arrive at the southern tip of South America, where the brothers will become the new Guinness World Record Holders as “Youngest Person to Cycle the Pan-American Highway”.
Driven to Educate - A Field Trip Across America - "Have you lost your mind? - When I tell people what we’re doing I usually get “Take me with you!” or “Have you lost your mind?” The answer is, I lost my balance, but our family gained some much needed clarity." Here’s how it happened.

Maiden Voyage
by Tania Aebi
Tania Aebi's Shangri-La - In May 1985, when Tania Aebi was 18, she cast off from lower Manhattan, alone, on her 26-foot sloop, Varuna. For the next two and a half years, with only a cat for company, she sailed 27,000 miles around the world, returning to New York the youngest woman to ever circumnavigate the world solo. Her book about this adventure, Maiden Voyage, became an inspirational bestseller, published in eight countries.

In September 2007, hoping to give her boys a taste of adventure, Tania set off cruising with Nicholas and Sam as crew, on a 36-footer named Shangri-La, and headed from the Caribbean through the Panama Canal, to the South Pacific. Tania's sons, Nicholas is 16, Sam is 13, and both will be one year older by the end of Shangri-La’s voyage, and hopefully much wiser. While out cruising, they’ll keep up with their education through a structured and accredited home-schooling program — Nicholas with a traditional eleventh-grade curriculum, Sam with an eighth.
Zac Sunderland's World Adventure - 16 year old Zac Sunderland, a homeschooled student, has been preparing himself physically and mentally for singlehanding a 36 ft sailboat around the world. Could he be the youngest solo circumnavigator? Follow along on his adventure!

NOTES From Readers!

"We have been homeschooling for 3 years now and are preparing to leave to circumnavigate around the world by sailboat. We will be studying different countries, languages, Cultures and are excited. Thank you for sharing your website with us. It was enlightening. We have three highly gifted children and are confident that this will feed them more than sitting in a classroom." Thank You, Angel

Fearless moms! Just discovered your site. I am a Laguna Beach, CA mom, unschooling along with my student. I'm also a big believer in travel as education. In the past two years, we have traveled throughout France, to southern Mexico (Oaxaca), NYC, Boston, Cape Cod, Washington D.C., Hawaii and many others. I'd love to find other homeschoolers to travel with, or just rendezvous with for part of the trip. Our next idea is to explore the literary side of England (my student is a voracious reader and would like to visit anywhere having to do with the Chronicles of Narnia, Robin Hood, the Redwall series, Paddington Bear, etc. Just figured I'd contact you in case you ever hear of a homeschool travel association that pairs up traveling homeschoolers or (my latest hope) organizes home exchanges between homeschoolers in different lands.

Happy travels, Barb



Blogs And Travel Logs We Like to Read

Travel Blog is a collection of travel journals, diaries, stories and photos from all around the world, ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

A Wayward Journey - A Family Cycles the Roads Less Traveled from the Arctic to Patagonia.

AHA Traveling Homeschool Familes.

Zac's Blog - My name is Zac Sunderland and I am 16 years old. I am currently preparing to leave on a quest to become the youngest person to circumnavigate the world alone by yacht.

Tania Aebi's Current Log

Our Tales as Homeschoolers on the Road

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Our Travel Log (before there was blogging!)


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