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After many years of homeschooling, one accumulates a pile of "stuff". Looking through this pile is alwys a trip down memory lane, but now it is time to lightent the load. This page lists the items I am willing to part with. I am using Paypal, which is free for buyers to use and is a secure means of transferring payments to sellers on the Internet. Some I have pictures for, others I don't, I am not eBAY, so my rules go here! I even sell teacher's editions when I have them!



Science, Technology & Mathematics

Social Studies


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Science, Technology & Mathematics

MATH U SEE Advanced SET (Pre-Algebra)
(Item# mathusee001)
By Steven P. Demme

Set includes:
Starter set Manipulative Blocks
Teacher's Manual with tests
Student Manual
Three videos Adavanced Math (A&B) & Math-U-See Demmestration
Fraction Overlays
Algebra and Decimal Inserts Manipulatives

The initial Starter Set is an 80-piece set of colorful, base 10, stacking blocks used to teach all aspects of arithmetic. Set is like new. Manuals have some markings, green highlighter marks on the problems we worked. Grades covered in the Advanced Set are Grades Seventh & Eighth. Items come from a smoke free home.


Includes Shipping (within continental US)



Habitats Unit Study Materials
(Item# habitats001)


Books: DK Look Closer: River Life (Hardcover), Deserts (Our Planet) (Hardback), Forests (Our Planet) (Hardback) ,Mountains (Our Planet) (Hardback)

Video: DK Eyewitness - Mammal, DK Eyewitness - Insect, DK Armored Animals, DK Eyewitness - Life

Detailed Information

Includes Shipping (within continental US)



Astronmy Unit Study
(Item# astronomy001)
Quercetti constellation peg art
(6 yrs - adult)
Recreate star clusters with star pegs on 4 connectible star boards, turn off the lights & see the constellations glow in the dark! The Peg Art Constellation Kit is a fantastic, educational way to learn the constellations. Different sized pegs correspond to the luminosity of the stars. The ability to spacially recreate the star clusters should make it far easier to recognize the patterns in the night sky. An excellent 48 page Star Manual teaches the positions, names, & characteristics of the constellations & provides astronomical facts. Seasonal star charts & 2 peg storage containers included. WARNING-CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Condition: excellent

Video - The Astronomers, Program 3: A Window To Creation
PBS home Video
English with Closed Captioning (1991) Color 60 minutes. The third of six, this program examines what scientists have learned about the origins of humankind from the "big bang".
Condition: Very Gently used. In the original sleeve.

Lot of 4 books
Preschool to Second Grade
The Magic School Bus: Hello Out There : A Sticker Book About the Solar System (Paperback)
by Joanna Cole Mrs. Frizzle takes her class on an "extremely" hands-on field trip, and takes her readers on an "extremely" hands on voyage as they can place stickers on the book to create their own scenes. Students can learn about different planets, moons, meteors, and more
Condition: Very Gently used. Stickers placed in book.

The Magic School Bus Lost In The Solar System (Magic School Bus) (Paperback) The Magic School Bus Lost In The Solar System (Magic School Bus) (Paperback)
by Joanna Cole, Bruce Degen (Illustrator)The planetarium is closed for repairs, so the Magic School Bus blasts off on a real tour of the solar system. After their previous field trips, the children in Ms. Frizzle's class are all blase about such things; as they land on the Moon, Venus, and Mars, and fly by the other planets and the Sun, they comment on what they see, generate a blizzard of one- or two-sentence reports on special topics and--even while Ms. Frizzle is temporarily left behind in the asteroid belt--crack terrible jokes ("Could Saturn take a bath? Yes, but it might leave a ring!").
Condition: Very Gently used.

Tiny Star (Hardcover)
by Arthur Ginolfi, Pat Schories (Illustrator)You are never too small to be a part of God's big plan. Starlet, the smallest star in the sky, undertakes an amazing journey when she falls to earth. Her inspiring story reminds us that God, who created the stars, knows each of our dreams and is there to lift us up.
Condition: Very Gently used.

The Story of Clocks and Calendars
by Betsy Maestro, Betsy C. Maestro This book begins with a discussion of calendars: how, when, and where they originated; the different types; and how various countries, rulers, and religions influenced timekeeping. She then discusses the passage of time marked by sundials and hourglasses, provides a general description of early clocks and watches, and brings the subject up to the present with a mention of the atomic clock. The final pages address the question of when the millennium actually begins.
Condition: Very Gently used.

Includes Shipping (within continental US)





Social Studies

(Item# speeches001)
The Literate Listener
8 Cassette deluxe edition.

Listen to our Nation’s Presidents in their most poignant and decisive moments that truly defined our nation, determined its fate and marked a significant time in history. 87 Speeches representing the best presidential speeches of the 20th Century.

$15.00 Includes Shipping (within continental US)

Elementary Level Spanish Set

A+ Spanish (Jewel Case) by Transparent Language Windows, Macintosh
KidSpeak Spanish (Jewel Case) by Transparent Language Windows, Macintosh (not shown in photo)

The CD-ROM is an immersion program, so all the instructions are in Spanish. The program includes five modules, each containing a range of games and a song to consolidate the vocabulary that has been introduced. Most of the games can be played at three different levels of difficulty. The games include activities such as identifying fruit, colouring fruit appropriately, pairs games with pictures and words, identifying animals, ordering pictures, setting given times on clocks, and putting objects into a backpack. A wide range of vocabulary is consolidated, such as numbers, the alphabet, animals, objects, times, colours, fruits and vegetables, the weather, transport, and leisure activities. A set of online activities, which can be printed out, will also help to review what children have learned.

300 First Words / 300 palabras primeras (Hardcover) by Geoff Dann (Photographer), Betty Root (Author) Labeled pictures in both Spanish and English introduce basic vocabulary words.

La primera Navidad de Clifford (Paperback) by Norman Bridwell (Author), Alma Flor Ada (Author), Teresa Mlawer (Translator) "Hola, mi nombre es Emilia Isabel..."

El Rey Leon (Hardcover) by Gina Ingoglia (Author), Marshall Toomey (Illustrator), Daniel Santacruz (Author), Michael Humphries (Contributor, Illustrator), Walt Disney Productions (Corporate Author)

I'm Too Big / Soy demasiado grande (I Can Read Spanish) (Hardcover) by Lone Morton (Author), Mary Risk (Author), Weatherill (Illustrator)

La Bella y la Bestia (Hardcover) by Walt Disney








Set of 4 Brain Quest - Grades 1, 2, 6, 7
(Item# brainquest001)
23.7 Million Kids Can't Be Wrong!
Brain Quest is the smart game where everybody wins. No matter what grade, age, or subject, Brain Quest challenges kids on the stuff they need to know, when they need to know it. In each box you get two decks of cards, held together at the bottom with a grommet. The questions are on one side of the card, and the answers are on the next card, so kids can play it alone or with friends, as a review of the grade just finished or preview of the grade to come.

Ages 6-7, 750 Questions 750 Answers
Brain Quest GRADE 6 [NEW]
Ages 11-12 , 1,500 Questions 1,500 Answers
Ages 7-8, 1,000 Questions 1,000 Answers
Brain Quest GRADE 7 [NEW]
Ages 12-13, 1,500 Questions 1,500 Answers

$30.00 Includes Shipping (within continental US)


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