A Detailed Course Survey
Can help with creating transcripts and portfolios. In this type of survey, you go to a higher level of detail in your planning. Optionally you can include a book list of your intended texts. It is important to update a detailed course survey throughout the year so you have an accurate record of what you did.

5th/6th Grade Detailed Course Survey & List of Texts

5th/6th Grade Math & 5th Grade Composition obtained from
Stanford University EPGY (Education Program for Gifted Youth)
Curriculum developed from E.D. Hirsch " What your 5th & 6th Grader Needs to Know" and other resources

Language Arts

Reading Comprehension
Text Resource: Steck-Vaughn Trails and Dales Reading Comprehension Series Level F
Q1 Topics: Facts & Inferences, Predicting outcomes, Interpreting an outline, Identifying main idea and details in paragraphs, synonyms, identifying topic sentences and extraneous details in paragraphs, multiple meaning words, making comparisons and analogies, evaluating sources of information, using an index,
Q2 Topics:determining relevancy of resources, drawing conclusions, determining cause and effect, determining fact or fiction, evaluating persuasive methods, analyzing historical material to determine fact or fiction.
Critical Thinking
Text Resource:Steck-Vaughn Critical Thinking and reasoning skills, Level E
Q1 Topics:Classifying, fact and opinion, real and fanciful, definition and example, outlining and summarizing, comparing and contrasting, identifying structure, steps in a process, figural relationships, comparing word meanings, identifying main ideas, identifying relationships, ordering objects, estimating.
Q2 Topics:anticipating probabilities, inferring, changes in word meaning, judging completeness, relevance of information, abstract or concrete, logic of actions, elements of a selection, story logic, recognizing fallacies, communicating ideas, planning projects.
Q3 Topics: building hypotheses, drawing conclusions, proposing alternatives, testing generalizations, developing criteria, judging accuracy, making decisions, identifying values, mood of a story.