Grade Book
There are many ways to measure how much a student learns. One way to evaluate some or all of the work your student does is by using a "grade book"- for lack of a better name. A grade book is an organized list of all the projects, papers, tests you intend to use to as measuring sticks. It is a way to keep cumulative "scores". Make sure to keep the items you "evaluate" with your other records. What you measured is important.

You may decide not to measure at all. Some students like to be measured, others are stressed by measuring. You know your student best.

  Percentage Scores Quarter Date Administered
Book/Literature Reading - Tests      
Uncle Tom’s Cabin - Harriet Beecher Stowe 99% 1 9/11/2002
The Red Badge of Courage - by Stephen Crane      
The Odyssey - by Homer      
Hamlet - by William Shakespeare      
Don Quixote - Cervantes      
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - Robert Lewis Stevenson      
Tom Sawyer - by Mark Twain      
The Giver - Lois Lowry      
Study of Literature & Poetry      
Q1 Topics (Quiz)      
Q2 Topics (Quiz)      
Q3 Topics (Quiz)      
Q4 Topics (Quiz)      
Spelling Tests & Quizzes      
Quiz: Lessons 1-3      
Quiz: Lessons 4-6      
Quiz: Lessons 7-9      
Quiz: Lessons 10-12      
Quiz: Lessons 13-15      
Quiz: Lessons 16-18      
Quiz: Lessons 19-21      
Quiz: Lessons 22-24      
Quiz: Lessons 25-27      
Quiz: Lessons 28-30      
Quiz: Lessons 31-33      
Quiz: Lessons 34-36      
Language Arts: Vocabulary Tests      
Unit 1 - Rivers      
Unit 2 - Inventions      
Unit 3 - Olympic Dream      
Unit 4 - World Wonders      
Unit 5 - Glittering Gold      
Unit 1 - Nouns Quiz      
Unit 2 - Pronouns Quiz      
Unit 3 - Sentences Quiz      
Unit 4 - Ponouns Quiz      
Unit 5 - Plural & Possessive Nouns      
Unit 6 - Verb Quiz      
Unit 7 - Verb Tenses Quiz      
Unit 8 - Irregular Verbs - Quiz      
World Culture - Tests      
Late Middle Ages      
European Renaissance      
Elizabethan England      
The Incas - Lost Civilizations      
US History -Tests      
The New Nation      
Liberty For All?      
War Terrible War - The Civil War Part I      
US Geography      
European Geography      
South American Geography      
Asian Geography      
Science Tests      
Life Sciences      
Animal classification, Taxonomy, cell structure      
Plants & Animals      
The Human Body & Genetics      
Physical Science      
Mechanical Concepts, Mass and Matter change, Heat Energy      
Electricity, Force and Motion      
Electronics & Robotics, PERL or Visual Basic Programming      
Engineering Concepts      
Techniques and Tools      
Invention Process