A Progress Report
This is an example of a progress report. It outlines what you presented. You can keep progress reports on a monthly, quarterly, semester or yearly basis.

First Quarter 4th Grade
Summary & Progress Report

At the end of our first quarter we have just completed Calvert test 40. A summary of work completed so far follows.

Language Arts

Calvert Reading has progressed through the novel Robinson Carusoe. We have also read the books: The Witch of Blackbird Pond, The Biography of Louis Braille, The Phantom Tollbooth, Benjamin Franklin, Printer, Johnny Tremain(Books on Tape BOT), Rascal, War of the Worlds (BOT) and Animal Farm.

Alphabetical order, use of a dictionary, long and short sounds, beginning and ending sounds, prefixes, suffixes, combinations, blends. Simple compositions using knowledge of grammar & punctuation, topic sentences and paragraph themes.

Daily Journal writing, Writing skills practiced: information paragraphs, research paragraphs and book reports.

D'Nealian Cursive continued, once a week.

History, Geography & World Culture
Calvert’s A Child's History of the World: 1/4 of the way through this history text book.

A History of US
: The Making of 13 colonies, Volume 2. American history about the establishment of the 13 colonies and some of the events surrounding this chapter of history. Associated videos and projects included reports on Roger Williams, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.

World Culture

We studied the fall of Rome using the video set: “Ancient Rome” from the History Channel. We did a report on Julius Caesar. We have started our study of the Dark Ages using the text, “The Early Middle Ages” by James Corrick. So far we have studied Barbarian tribes in Europe, The importance of the Christian church and we have started a lengthy segment on Charlemagne. As part of our World Culture study we are doing a comparative study of religions. To date we have studied a number of alternative religions, or cults and the phenomenon of cults. We are beginning our study of the 7 major religions.

Plants. We dissected a flower and learned about plant pollination. We viewed a video on plants.
Light, color and sight. We did color and light experiments. We studied about Louis Braille. We made a periscope.
Minerals, rocks and fossils. Experiments with rock materials. Classifying minerals by chemical and visual testing. Mohs scale of hardness testing.
Insects and insect anatomy.

Stanford Math Topics and progress report from Stanford is attached.

Physical Education
Our student participates in the Taekwondo Academy Black Belt club and was on an ASYO soccer team.

Fine Arts
We have been studying water color techniques and doing water color painting.

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