Photography from our travels! Photography from our travels! Photography from our travels! Photography from our travels! Photography from our travels! Photography from our travels! Photography from our travels!
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Do you have bright kids at home?
Are you thinking about homeschooling a gifted kid?
Would you like to homeschool and travel?

Welcome to "Bright Kids at Home" a place for families who are looking for ideas about homeschooling gifted kids.

"Finally, a practical website geared towards homeschooling and traveling with gifted and talented students."

Homeschooling is exciting and challenging at the same time. Homeschooling a gifted kid is an even more exciting and challenging proposition! We are eclectic homeshoolers who have over a decade of experience. We are homeschooling for academic reasons and while other places on the Internet may say they have information about homeschooling a gifted student, I share what we are actually doing at home for my highly gifted student.

Over the years I have discovered a lot of things sharing my every day with a gifted kid and this website has become a journal of what we have learned as a mentor, as a gifted student, as a gifted kid, as a gifted teen, as travelers, as homeschoolers.

On these pages you will find our stories about how we've traveled the education road at home, you'll find the ideas and resources that worked for my gifted student. I have journaled here the real world traveling that has become part of our homeschooling. You will also find what I have learned and what I am continuing to learn about homeschooling a gifted teen. You'll meet Daphne the Science Guinea Pig! We love Math & Science!

I have put our ideas and experiences online so that your homeschool journey can be great too! Maybe you will find ideas about how you might homeschool your gifted student. Maybe you will take away ideas about how to take your homeschool on the road. Stay a while and look around! We hope you find something here that may be of use to you. If you have questions or comments you can contact us.





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Homeschooling Through the High School Years?

Check our what I have learned homeschooling a teen!
Topics I've updated:

Homeschooling Teens: Nuts & Bolts
The Path to College: You (The Guidance Counselor)
The Path to College: Your Teen
Teen Issues
Over & Above Average (Teen Opportunities)
High School Curriculum Ideas
Generating Transcripts & High School Records
complete with the transcript formats we used!

A List of High School Math Texts

About Our Content
Our content is subdivided into different categories.
Each area has a specific type of information.
Click on the colored subject banner to go to that section.

General information about homeschooling for academic reasons. This is the place to start if you are considering homeschooling.

  • There are pages on how to get started and information about the legal issues.
  • Read about the typical methods and styles of homeschooling.
  • Discover how to determine what curriculum is right for your student.
  • Read about homeschool record keeping, including how to keep high school transcripts.
  • Download samples.
  • We're in Ohio. Check out these resources for homeschooling in Ohio.

Topics here include:

  • identifying the gifted student
  • academic assessment
  • IQ and gifted assessment
  • learning styles
  • determining curriculum
  • twice exceptional students
  • opportunities
  • other issues you may encounter homeschooling a gifted student.
Q: How do I homeschool my gifted student?
Our "How-To" checklist to help you.

Topics here include:

  • tips for developing and running your homeschool
  • support resources
  • record keeping ideas
  • ideas about determining homeschool styles and methods
  • tips on finding a curriculum
  • legal issues
  • downloads
  • preparing for college
  • great books and articles.
  • We're in Ohio. Check out these resources for homeschooling in Ohio.



Books We Recommend

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Find ideas about adding authentic travel to your curriculum

Are you an "Armchair tourist"? Want ideas about hitting the road while you homeschool?

Read about Our Travels - Read about our travels and how I implemented them into our studies. Organized by the headers: Topic (What we studied), Subject(s) (the "subject" the travel "covered"), Destination (where we did the study) and Items to Explore (what we offer to explore for your own look at what we did.

Check out our "Tips and Tales" page. Find ideas about how to add authentic travel to your curriculum.Find out how others are homeschooling on the road.

Start a homeschool culture club!

Read about our latest adventures at Our BLOG: Travelin' with the Kid

Before there was blogging, there were travel logs: Read Ours.


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